5th Border Management and Identity Conference


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BiometricUpdate.com is a leading news property that publishes breaking news, analysis, and research about the global biometrics market. We place special emphasis on national security, privacy and regulatory issues, along with examining the latest industrial, commercial and residential applications for biometrics technology. Manufacturers, service providers, governments, law enforcement agencies and large corporate buyers benefit from our competitive industry intelligence on market size, multiple industry segments, venture capital and other business opportunities, along with in-depth profiles on the best emerging products and solutions. BiometricUpdate.com is published by the Biometrics Research Group, a market research supplier and consultancy to the biometric industry.‬‬

Keesing Technologies was founded in 1923 and leads the way in digital ID document and banknote authentication solutions. Our objective is to help organisations prevent counterfeiting and combat fraud by providing the world’s best authentication solutions. To this end, we market a range of printed and digital solutions that allow users - from document professionals to untrained staff - to assess the authenticity of nearly all ID documents and banknotes currently in circulation. Solutions that provide you with the assurance of a document’s authenticity. The technology we use is powered by nearly 100 years of experience and accumulated knowledge. Keesing collaborates with distributors, strategic partners and agents all over the world. Keesing Technologies is member of the Hologram.Industries Group. For further information visit www.keesingtechnologies.com.

Media Partners


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