Transport Payments Asia Pacific 2019

Dusit Thani Manila | 18-19 September, 2019



Transport Payments Asia Pacific is the focal point for new developments and latest thinking in fare collection and revenue management for public and private transportation systems. Since 2006, this pioneering transport ticketing event in the world’s fastest growing region has provided an industry platform for experts to discuss the roadmap for next-generation transport payments and how they support new mobility services for urban transportation.


Meet Transport Payments Experts
Meet transport authorities, operators and ticketing schemes that are using technology to optimise the retailing of transit and transport services, and transform the way that customers engage with their transport options. Transport Payments Asia Pacific and Transport Payments South Asia, held annually in the world’s fastest-growing payments markets, offer unparalleled opportunities to connect with key decision-makers and understand their requirements for designing, planning and implementing transport services that will serve the majority of the global population.

From Media-centric to Server-centric
The shift towards accepting open-loop payments in public transport applications is part of a growing interest in moving away from media-centric ticketing towards server-based revenue management that enables new business and technology benefits. This approach, now widely known as Account-based Ticketing (ABT), is the starting point for new developments in transport payments that include:

• tokenizing offline purses to back-end stored value;
• accepting third-party media for tickets and PAYG;
• accepting EMV contactless payment products;
• accepting mobile wallet payment products;
• mobile transport ticketing and reloading;
• ticketing as a service (TaaS),
• mobility-as-a-service (MaaS)

Open-Loop Payments in Transport
The evolution towards acceptance of open-loop payments in transport applications that include public transport, private transport, on-demand transport and shared transport is now a major trend with benefits for both transport operators and their customers. Accepting open-loop payments can provide a level of interoperability between otherwise incompatible transport ticketing schemes. They also provide a convenient solution for itinerant travellers by solving the single journey ticket problem.

Accepting Third-Party Fare Media in Asia
In developed markets, this is largely focused on the acceptance of bank-issued EMV contactless payment products. In Asia where many markets are not dominated by card payments, transport authorities may also need to consider accepting other open-loop consumer payments products, such as the rapidly growing number of mobile payment wallets using QR code-based mobile payments rather than NFC mobile payments.

The World’s Fastest-Growing Markets
Asia is the largest and fastest-growing market for public transport with significant plans and funding for transport infrastructure and initiatives for Smart Cities. The IMF expects Asia to remain at the forefront of the global economy, with regional growth projected1 at 5.6 percent in 2019. According to a UN report2, of the world’s 36 fastest-growing cities, 28 are in Asia, 7 are in Africa and 1 is in North America.
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Theme of the Forum
The Philippines is one of several Asian markets whose governments are driving national interoperability of open transport payments to support increased adoption of efficient public transport services. Open and integrated payments across all transport modes provide benefits to transit operators and their customers, simplify and enhance customer journeys, and are an important factor in driving public transport mode share. The theme of the 2019 conference will be

Open Payments for Integrated Transportation Systems

Why Attend


Topics to be discussed:


Who Should Attend

APSCA is inviting transport authorities, operators, ticketing schemes, financial institutions and payment schemes from various markets across Asia and Europe to attend Transport Payments Asia Pacific 2019. Also leading transport payment solution providers from around the world should not miss to the opportunity to attend the conference.

Representatives from all the following categories are invited to attend Transport Payments Asia Pacific 2019:

  • Government transport departments
  • Transport authorities and operators
  • Transport ticketing schemes
  • Road tolling schemes
  • Domestic and international payment schemes
  • Financial institutions
  • Payment card issuers and acquirers
  • E-payment services providers
  • Internet payment companies
  • Mobile operators
  • Transport systems integrators
  • Payments solutions providers

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