Mobility Payments Asia Pacific 2021

Virtual | 14-23 September, 2021



APSCA will hold the Mobility Payments Asia Pacific Virtual Summit & Expo on 14, 16, 21, 23 September 2021. The event runs on Tuesday and Thursday over a two-week period, 4 hours on each day, to allow participants to manage other commitments while enjoying the event. Each session will begin mid-afternoon in Asia Pacific, early afternoon in South Asia, early morning in Europe.

The objectives of the event are to:

  1. Provide suppliers with a platform where they can showcase their mobility payments solutions, products and services to customers and partners;
  2. Inform end-user organisations about latest innovations and solutions that can attract and delight their customers and grow their mobility payments businesses;
  3. Explore how the mobility payments business is evolving, the fit with the mobile and digital world, and the impact of COVID-19 on mobility services;
  4. Enable customers and suppliers to engage, have conversations and exchange contacts, when physical face-to-face meetings are not possible.

For the mobility payments supply chain, the event offers a one-stop experience integrating business intelligence, technology platforms and channels to engage and network with customers and partners.

For transit authorities, operators, ticketing schemes and mobility services providers, the event offers a unique perspective on the mobility payments business in Asia Pacific.

Why Attend

The Mobility Payments Asia Pacific Virtual Summit & Expo is an immersive online experience designed to allow the industry to meet, inform and connect with customers and partners when physical international industry events are not possible.

Much more than a webinar, it combines business presentations and discussions; technology seminars and industry meetings; expo showcases and demonstrations of products and services; together with a variety of channels for delegates to network, connect and interact one-on-one.


Networking, Meetings and Conversations
Delegates can use either the mobile app or the web app to connect with speakers, sponsors and other delegates at different levels such as making individual connections through one-to-one networking; engaging in group meetings through chat, voice or video calls; or contributing to conversations visible to all delegates through the community board. Every delegate will be able to see and contact every other delegate in the mobile and web apps. The web app provides a bigger screen while the mobile app has the same features in a portable form factor, freeing delegates from their desk.

Engagement Channels
The virtual event will have 4 channels through which solutions providers will be able to engage with customers and partners:

Business Stream
Consisting of live-streamed conference sessions and discussions focusing on business issues for mobility payments. Industry experts will join mobility companies to make presentations and join discussions exploring how the mobility payments business is evolving, best practices, business models, impact of COVID-19, and more…

Technology Stream
Live-streamed sessions covering technology subjects, standards development, industry initiatives, introductions to new solutions and product demonstrations. This stream provides a platform for sponsors to introduce solutions, demonstrate products, deliver educational seminars, partner trainings, and other sessions of their own design, within the framework of the Mobility Payments Asia Pacific Virtual Summit.

Expo Zone - Virtual Showcases
Delegates can visit your virtual showcase in the web app and mobile app, learn about your company, view corporate videos and demonstrations, chat or video-chat with your staff and download brochures. The Expo showcase zone will open one week before the event and remain open for 6 months after the event.

Speed Networking
Each day includes 4 speed networking sessions. Delegates that sign up for this session will be randomly sorted into breakout rooms of 4 people for an informal 15 minute chat. This is a great opportunity to network in an informal way with customers and partners. At the end of the 15 minutes, all delegates will be randomly shuffled and sent to a new breakout room with different people. Delegates will be provided with the contact details of the other delegates that they met while speed networking.

Who Should Attend

Delegates participating in the Mobility Payments Asia Pacific Virtual Summit & Expo are from the following stakeholder groups:

  • Transit authorities, transport operators, ticketing schemes, ride hailing companies, mobility providers, banks, fintechs, payment schemes.
  • Mobility systems integrators; ticketing and fare collection solutions providers; MaaS software companies; payment services providers; gate, validator and ticketing equipment manufacturers; device, card, chip and component manufacturers; more...