Digital Transformation via Open Public Stacks

Le Meridien, New Delhi | 20-21 July, 2023



Digital Transformation via Open Public Stacks (DTOPS) is an extension of the successful Identity India 2022 forum and exhibition which explored latest developments in government identity, highlighting initiatives and lessons learned in India. The 2023 event comprises an international forum, exhibition and site visits that will bring India Stack stakeholders and the international identity and payments ecosystem together to share experience and explore best practices for internationalising the identity-driven social and economic transformation, inclusion and empowerment that has been achieved in India since 2009.

Objectives of the Forum
The objectives of Digital Transformation via Open Public Stacks are to:

  • Bring together experts contributing to the India Stack and India’s digital transformation; international experts developing public stacks and digital public infrastructures; and organisations targeting national digital transformation of public and private sector services at population scale.
  • Initiate a Collaborative Forum through which participants can share experience and develop best practices for internationalising population scale, stack-based approaches to building digital public infrastructures, while enabling digital sovereignty, based on open standards, APIs and frameworks.
  • Create a collaborative Centre of Excellence (CoE) to serve as a repository of leadership, best practices, research, support and training for achieving digital transformation through open public stacks, and as a collective channel through which countries and organisations can receive assistance in building their own digital public infrastructures to achieve these aims.

Why Attend

Digital Identity as a Foundation
India has demonstrated that biometric identity can serve as the base layer, or foundation, of a digital public infrastructure consisting of layers of software applications targeting different service delivery challenges required for digital transformation. A former Chief Economist of the World Bank described Aadhaar as "the most sophisticated ID programme in the world". The DTOPS forum is about globalising India’s experience and learnings in these areas.

Identity-driven Digital Transformation
Identity is a prerequisite for participating in economies and societies by enabling access to government and financial services, health and social welfare systems, education and employment. Digital transformation of economies and societies means allowing all these public and private sector services to be accessed online through digital channels. The DTOPS forum will highlight why digital identities will be essential for digital transformation.

Digital Public Infrastructures
The advantages of remote, paperless and cashless digital service delivery are driving governments around the world towards digital transformation, enabled by digital public infrastructures. With more than a decade of experience of population-scale, stack-based approaches to building digital public infrastructures, there is international recognition that India has set a benchmark for identity-driven digital transformation.

Open Public Stacks
India pioneered a stack-based approach to a unified software platform that has brought an entire population into the digital age. This stack of software applications provides digital ID, e-KYC, cashless payments and secure management of personal data, all accessed through the world’s largest set of open APIs. The forum on DTOPS will create best practices for how other countries can build their own open public stacks and digital public infrastructures to achieve their own national digital transformation.

Who Should Attend

The target audience for the forum on DTOPS are government departments focusing on digital transformation, digital identity, online services and benefits distribution, national payments schemes, and systems integrators and technology providers offering solutions for identity, authentication and KYC. APSCA India has invited government identity experts from India and around the world to speak in the forum.